For International Parents

A large part of our practice involves assisting prospective parents from other countries realize their dream of having a child. There are a number of reasons for this.

SCIENCE – California remains on the cutting edge of Reproductive Medical Science. Many of the world’s leading research and infertility clinics are based here. The latest procedures and techniques, some unavailable anywhere else, are in standard practice.

THE SOCIAL AND LEGAL CLIMATE – In some countries it is socially or legally difficult to pursue your assisted reproductive options. In California, the social and legal climate is accepting of and friendly to infertility treatment, surrogacy and egg donation. We enjoy a long history of supportive case law and public acceptance.

ACCEPTANCE OF NONTRADITIONAL FAMILIES – In California there is no singular definition of an acceptable family. There are many versions. This might include single parents as well as same sex couples.

A WELL ESTABLISHED PROCESS – Every week we help wonderful people from around the globe; from celebrities to ordinary citizens. Couples are transformed into families. Well practiced and successful protocol, logistics and procedures are in place to afford you the best possibilities for success.

COST – The best now costs less. Because of very favorable currency exchange rates, what was once expensive has now become very affordable. In some cases, costs are half (or less) of what they were just two or three years ago. But the pendulum swings both ways and this condition will not last. If you are entertaining establishing a family through assisted reproduction, now may be the ideal time.

If you dream of holding a child in your arms – your child, and you would like to learn more about your assisted reproductive options, please contact us. We will be happy to put you in touch with an agency, clinic and physician expertly capable of making your dream a reality.

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