For Adoptive Parents

There are many reasons why adoption could be the best choice for creating your family. If that’s the path you’ve chosen we can help you. Psychological evaluations and screenings in adoption cases are being mandated by an increasing number of jurisdictions. It might also be argued that where they are not legally required, the conscientious concern for the parents and adoptive child dictates their routine use. The result of adoption is very rewarding – the process of adoption can be a challenge. We can help you through that process. We have done thousands of family building evaluations and counseled countless couples in their quest for a child. We have offices in both San Diego and Orange County (California). And while we recommend meeting face-to-face, telephonic sessions and screenings are also available. Our fee structure is very competitive and our experience, service and professionalism are unrivaled. If you are entertaining or in the process of adoption and require psychological services we’re here to help - Please contact us.

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