The Center for Human Infertility and Reproductive Psychology (The CHIRP)
provides services to those interested in or involved with the fields of infertility, adoption, surrogacy and assisted reproduction

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If you are an individual or couple who is struggling with infertility?

Would you like to have your own baby and become a complete family? We can help you.

How can we help?

We offer a free referral service to some of the best, most experienced clinics and agencies in the world, all with long records of success. This service is provided without cost or obligation of any kind and all information is strictly confidential.

How are we in a position to do this?

We provide support services to infertility clinics, physicians and assisted reproduction agencies. We’ve been doing this for many years. We directly participate in the miracle of transforming a childless couple into a family and have done so thousands of times. This inside perspective has allowed us to identify the best, most professional resources. Aided by our experience, your choice of help thus becomes much more than simple guess work.

Why would we do this for free?

There are three reasons; (1) We provide screening and support services to this medical community. It is possible that if you choose to pursue your dream of a child we may end up participating in that quest (2) Our free referrals generate good will for our organization in the medical community (3) Everyone on our staff has had their own struggles with infertility. We know what you’re going through and we want to help.

Why would you want to contact us?

There are several compelling reasons; (1) The clinics to which you will be referred, offer the most advanced scientific techniques and procedures available (2) Unlike many areas and jurisdictions, they operate in a social and legal climate friendly to your goal of having a child (3) A willingness to work with nontraditional families (4) A well established process and the some of the best records of success in the world. (5) The referrals are free and confidential. However, the most important reason will be the tears of joy that will inevitably stream down your face as you cradle that baby in your arms for the first time.

Please contact me. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. I look forward to helping you.

Sylvia Marnella, Ph.D.

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